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Shipping to T.H.E. Show: Las Vegas




Do not ship directly to The Flamingo!

The hotel is not equipped to accept and store large shipments such as your equipment. It is likely that if you do ship directly to the hotel, one of two things will occur: 1) Your equipment will be refused and shipped back to the originating address, or 2) They might just keep it, but charge you exorbitant fees and penalties.


If you intend to deliver your own equipment, you must make arrangements with 5 Logistics. You will be given a definite time and unloading location on either Sunday, January 5 or  Monday,  January 6. They will try their best to accommodate your schedule.


If you are shipping by professional courier, you will need to ship to the 5 Logistics warehouse. Your freight MUST arrive NO LATER THAN  Friday, January 3. It will be brought to the hotel and to your room by 5 Logistics. You will be charged reasonable fees by 5 Logistics.


Contact Information for 5 Logistics:

Contact person: Rusty Griffin

Business phone: 720-336-5123

Mobile: 303-416-0227












In order to retain our independent status, The Flamingo has requested we have 5 Logistics personnel supervise all move-ins. 5 Logistics has agreed to a $100 fee for 1/2 hour and $25 for each 15 minute block thereafter- due from Exhibitor. You WILL receive "unloading and delivering" assistance for this fee.


International Shippers

Please contact 5 Logistics directly for your local representative and customs specialists


5Logistics is a full service freight company and can handle ALL of your business shipping needs – 24/7, year-round.




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